Maitha's Way Of Life is a real page-turner. She tells her story and shares her experiences in a way you do not realize that she wants to teach you something. It sometimes seemed like she was telling my life, very crazy! Step-by-step, at my pace, she helped me find a balance between life-work-health and family. I think that is fantastic! Thanks Maitha!

Lieve Verrelst 

- Entrepreneur


I made a positive decision last year to start working with Maitha. I have a fantastic lifestyle now! I work out 3 times a week and I really enjoy it! I got a complete lifestyle transformation and what is more I got stocks of energy! Even my husband is on it now too and he loves it as well. It's not only me that changed, but the whole family together!


- Sales Manager


Thanks to Maitha's Way Of Life, I am currently eating healthy, sleeping well, controlling my family life and feeling energized every day. 

Choosing to be happy has become easier for me. I feel as I have grown as a person. Standing in my architectural buildings made me feel so humble. This program has given me a positive perspective on life in general.

Yannic Leveque

- Head Of Architecture