SOUL CARE FIRST! Take time to do what makes your soul happy!

There you are in your finest clothes living in a beautiful house surrounded with every material thing you wish for, feeling empty. There you are with the love of your life, feeling lonely. There you are in the most beautiful place on earth, feeling sad. There you are, you are… but what are you? What is you? Are we nothing more than a body with a brain? If yes, then where do those feelings of emptiness, loneliness and sadness come from? From our brain? We are able to control our thinking and the actions that follow, at least, scientifically we are. So, we should be able to shut down those unwanted feelings, but we are not… Where do those feelings come from then? How come we cannot control them and why do they only get stronger?

The answers to those questions lie within us. These feelings come from our soul = our feeling center. It is something most of us ignore or don’t know about, but here is the thing: you can have all the material things, all the love and visit the most beautiful places in the world, if you don’t take care of your soul first, you limit yourself to feel everything you desire and need to feel to really live each moment to the fullest in the most positive way.

So it’s about time we start taking care of our soul first. SOUL CARE FIRST!

How do we do that? By empowering ourselves in the morning and reflecting on our feelings in the evening. Self-empowerment and self-reflection are two key components when taking care of your inner you/ your feeling center/ your soul.

Self-empowerment means redirecting your feelings, thoughts and actions towards positivity and happiness. We are so quick to direct our feelings and thoughts towards negativity and hold on to it as a dog holds on to his bone. Self-empowerment frees us from this negativity by expressing our happiness within us and by being in a space that doesn’t allow any negativity.

What’s the point of feeling sad, hurt, angry, lonely or unloved? Does it bring us any further? Does it help us grow? Does it bring us happiness? No, it hurts our soul, our deeper within that turns our thoughts into actions.

Nowadays, society doesn’t teach us to take control over our thoughts and redirect them to positivity and happiness. We need to be humble, aren’t allowed to feel great about ourselves, feel beautiful or be proud of our accomplishments. If we do, we are considered to be arrogant and careless. To be accepted in this society, we are only allowed to feel just a little bit great, beautiful or proud of our accomplishments. Too much would be unacceptable and we would be considered as ‘being full of ourselves’. This natural reaction we have due to society, makes us believe we aren’t good enough, makes us doubt ourselves and makes us feel we are not able to accomplish things. This is wrong. Society should shift its opinion towards empowering others, towards focusing more on the norms and values to respect each other and towards lifting each other up by encouraging the self-love and self-confident someone is projecting into society. Instead of repressing our true self = our soul, we should express it and take care of it.

This being said, the process starts with us, within us. First, we need to empower ourselves, before we can empower society. And even if we empower ourselves, we don’t need to empower society. Naturally, people will be driven to us by our positivity, love for life and respect for others. Our primary motivation should be taking care of ourselves/ our soul that, when taking care of it well and directed to the positive, leads us to our happiness. It is simple to empower ourselves, but it takes discipline, focus and perseverance. Self-empowerment should start at the beginning of our day. We have to make it part of our morning routine, EVERY DAY! Even if we think, it's all BS, we need to do this every day and we will see, better say: ‘feel’, it works!

So, how do you empower yourself? Simple, stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and say with full conviction. Yes, with full conviction:








For those who are rolling their eyes now, just try it. You don’t know if it works, unless you try it at least for one week. Kapish?

Now, let's talk about that other key component to take care of our lovely soul called 'self-reflection'. Self-reflection needs to be done at the end of each day. You have to take 5 to 10 minutes of your time to sit down on the floor in a meditation position with a candle lit (or a small light on) by your side to reflect on your feelings and thoughts of that day to be able to reset your feeling center, before going into the next day. Your soul is your feeling center. It is very important that you take care of it. When we feel sad, hurt, upset, angry or unloved, those feelings take over our heart. If we let those feelings take over our heart, it will reflect in our actions, health and wellbeing. Our body and feeling center/ soul are connected. This means that diseases can be caused by pent-up feelings. These are feelings that we do not express. They gradually increase and result in stress, frustrations and fear causing high blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, etc.

We need to take care of our soul, our deeper within that is hidden under the tip of the iceberg. Our unconsciousness holds a lot of unresolved feelings, blockages and limiting beliefs that we aren’t aware of. Yes, eye-rollers, unfortunately it is true. This can have major consequences in our daily life, going from being demotivated, not believing in ourselves, giving up to depression, bipolarity, schizophrenia and countless other mental disorders. By self-reflection, we open the gate to our unconsciousness. If the gate is open, we are able to reflect, resolve and reset our feelings. This way, we dissolve the blockages, the limiting beliefs and resolve the unresolved feelings, causing the opportunity to live our life to the fullest in happiness and health.

So, let’s do this ‘self-looking-inside-ourselves’! Again, it can only benefit us. In the evening before going to bed, take 5 to 10 minutes of your time to sit in a quiet space on the floor with only a candle lit (or a small light on) and your eyes closed. Reflect on your feelings and thoughts of that day by asking yourself the following questions:

- What made me happy today?

- What made me upset today? Why?

- What’s behind this feeling?

- Where does it come from?

- What’s the meaning of it?

- Why did I felt it today?

- How can I make it better?

- How can I grow from this?

- What's the lesson behind it?

- … etc.

Talk to yourself. Get into a dialogue with yourself and really analyze the feeling(s). Ask and go deeper by explaining how you feel/ felt and by understanding the origin and underlying intention. Let your emotions float, don’t hold back and let it out. When you let your emotions out, you resolve the blockages, the limiting beliefs and unresolved feelings connected to those emotions. You are able to reset your feelings, give them a positive place in your consciousness on top of the iceberg and reduce the unconscious feelings lying hidden under the tip of the iceberg. After resetting your feelings, take 5 deep breaths. Whilst breathing in, take in all the new, fresh, positive energy and whilst breathing out, release all the negative energy left inside of you, whilst smiling more and more. Move your arms, shake your body and throw off any negative feelings left. Feel the new, positive energy floating into your body and take it all in.

Now, open your eyes. Do you feel alive?

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