Oh she is so LUCKy! Or is she really?

What is luck? The dictionary describes it as a success brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. But I wonder... can we really agree with that?

We often approach people's success as 'them being lucky'. At first sight, it might seem that way, but what we don't see is the hard work and preparation that proceeds this ‘luck’. Nobody got lucky by sitting around at home waiting for luck to strike and unfortunately, we can't buy or order luck. What we need to realize is that luck comes from the small choices we make every day that bring us to where we are here and now. Luck is determined by the choices we make in life to prepare us for when an opportunity comes along to get lucky. If we look at the people that we consider as 'lucky', for example: famous people, actors, models, singers, fitness coaches and so on, they got 'lucky' by working hard and by preparing themselves first. But, being prepared only won't get them to be 'lucky' in life. There is one more ingredient missing to achieve this so called ‘luck’ and that is opportunity.

If opportunity strikes AND we are prepared for it, that's when we get lucky.

Let’s explain this with an example. For example: winning a football game. You can say that the winning team got lucky that one of the losing team's player got injured and that is why they won. But if they didn’t prepared themselves for this game by training, working out tactics and posing the best player at the right spot on the field, they could have and probably would have lost. So, is it because of the injured player that they won or because opportunity struck (= the injured player) and they were prepared for when an opportunity would occur?They won because (1) opportunity stroke, (2) they were prepared for it and luck happened. Luck by chance wasn’t at the base of this victory. If they wouldn't have been prepared for the game when the opportunity of the injured player occured, chances are that they would have lost the game.

The same applies to everyone of us. We need to prepare ourselves for when opportunities strike. If we work hard for the goal we want to achieve, any goal that is, and we prepare ourselves, opportunity will strike and luck will happen to us too. Yes, it is as simple as that.

We also need to be aware that luck can go as fast as it can appear. We can get lucky by preparing ourselves for the opportunities that will come and when these strike, luck happens. The key here is to nurture our luck in life and prepare us against other people’s opportunities to take our luck away from us.

Let’s explain this with another example. You got hired for your dream job, because you were prepared (created a professional CV, did your research and prepared yourself for a possible interview) and opportunity struck (company hiring). Here you are working your dream job feeling lucky and blessed. But remember: there are others at the same moment preparing for this dream job and are waiting for opportunity to strike. If you are not preparing yourself by improving yourself, taking initiative and working well to obtain your dream job, opportunity will strike for someone else and your luck might be taken away. So don't slack on your luck. Be on top of it by preparing yourself for the next, even bigger opportunity to come your way, so you can keep your luck and add more luck on top of it!

Luck is being prepared when opportunity strikes! Let us take initiative in life and not wait until luck comes our way, because it might never come. Instead, be that lucky star that makes itself shine by being prepared when opportunity strikes, because opportunity will strike to all of us and you do not want to miss that chance of luck in your life!

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