What’s it going to be? Go for your GOALS OR SNOOZE your life away?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

You have 2 choices each morning. Get a step closer to your goals or push the snooze button again. Unfortunately, 80 percent of us choose the snooze button.

Why is that? Why aren’t we able to work towards our goals and follow the simple steps? Others did it before us, those 20 percent are doing it right now and yet, we the 80 percent are snoozing our lives away. We know exactly how to achieve our goals and if we don’t know there’s a whole world named Google and YouTube to provide us with the necessary information. But still, we want our goals, we want to become them but we don’t achieve them… Now why is that?

To achieve a goal, it has to be a priority in your life. If it is not a priority, it is not as important as what is 'a priority' in your life.

Even if these priorities in your life are bad for you, as they are a priority at this moment, they come first. The message here is to change your priorities into your goals and what you want out of life.

Easier said than done. I know… but it is possible! I didn’t say it is easy, because to change is simple, but to actually change..., that takes mental strength. This is what 'the goal achieving secret' is all about: your relationship to your mind. Are you in control of your mind or is your mind like a little, manipulating child that tries to give you permissible excuses when all you need to do is focus on achieving your goals? Well, that's what needs to stop. Your mind is tricking you and unfortunately, what the mind tricks you into is applied directly to your actions. Your mind has 1 tricky parts and this is your comfort zone. When your mind gets an impulse from outside, you have 5 seconds to react or your brain will take control and will keep you in your comfort zone. Even if this comfort zone is bad for you, it will still keep you there, as its job is to protect you by keeping you in that zone that it knows how to protect you in.

For example, you are looking at a food menu and see a tasty, healthy dish that would be the right choice for you to achieve your weight goal, but as you are used to eat a burger with fries, after 5 seconds, your mind starts searching for that burger on the menu and triggers you to get the burger with permissible excuses: it is only today, one cheat meal is ok and tomorrow we will start again. Et voilà, you are back in your comfort zone. Mission accomplished for your mind, mission horrible for yourself.

You have to take advantage of these 5 seconds of ‘mind independence’ to create a new comfort zone. How? Take your decisions within 5 minutes and act on them immediately!

This is very important! The decision needs to be followed by an action within 5 seconds.

If you choose to take the healthy dish, close the menu straight away and order the food.

See,... very simple, as I said before, but not easy! You understand now?

You have to be in control over your mind. Don’t be upset with your mind, as its job is to keep you in your comfort zone that you unconsciously created yourself throughout the years to protect you. Now you know how to create your desired comfort zone, it is time to take back the control over your protective mind.

Take the decision and act on it within 5 seconds.

Get control over your mind and take action now!

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