My Story 

I guess I was in that stage of my life where I needed a total turnover, as I was living my life as an unmotivated, unhappy and inactive person on the edge of a depression. I was not happy. I was sort of ok, but not happy.

I felt that I was just there living a slumbering lifestyle and not able to enjoy my life. I had a lot to be grateful for and I should be happy with what I had in my life as society, friends and family expect you to, but to be totally honest, I was not at all. I didn’t like my body, I didn’t have any self-confidence, I didn't like myself or the person that I was becoming and I didn't feel motivated enough to do anything about it. I didn't enjoy my job, I didn’t earn enough money and I felt such a loser being a thirty-something year old, single woman with no kids or husband. I didn’t enjoy the time I spend with my friends anymore, I was not eating healthy at all and I was binge-eating all the bad food I could get my hands on. I was just so negative... And this all gave me stress, anxiety, self-hate, self-disappointment and a very dark sense of 'what's the point'. I felt ashamed to think this way, because I was sitting on an average throne and there were others who had much less to be happy with.

I should have been grateful for what I had and should stop with the BS feelings, but I couldn't stop feeling like that and I didn't feel that I could do something about it, so I just continued doing nothing, resulting in ignoring my feelings and continuing doing and feeling what others expect me to do and feel.

On top of that, I was convinced that I was a lost cause and unable to become truly happy, as I grew up in a very dysfunctional family with a father who was verbally abusive, a mother that couldn’t handle the situation and a sister that was extremely jealous. For as long as I can remember, I was in 'survival mood' as a child, lacking my parents and big sister’s support, guidance, love and protection trying to fight against them and trying to protect my mother. All this made me believe that I wasn't good enough. Not good enough to be loved, not good enough to achieve anything and not good enough to become happy.

When I looked at others, I felt that they were living a normal, joyful life. It seemed that they were doing fine and that only I was missing this ‘joie de vivre’, that total relaxed, warm feeling inside that you get when you are truly positive, happy and you appreciate life.

When I talked with my friends about me being unhappy in life and my past demons coming up all the time, a few suggested to follow therapy. Now, I am a person that only goes to the doctor if it's utterly necessary or for my yearly check-ups. When my friends advised me to follow therapy, it was like a wake-up call, like a little light at the end of a dark tunnel. Could therapy help? Will this inside slumbering feeling of no motivation, being down and unhappy be solvable with therapy? Will I finally get rid of this feeling? Am I fixable?! Before, I didn't even know this was an option and now, I couldn't wait to find out! And I found out the best of the best

= RTT or Rapid Transformation therapy

I went to an amazing RTT therapist, got treated with the RTT method and felt instantly better! RTT freed me immediately from my problems and struggles. I felt so relieved after dealing with my subconscious, limiting beliefs that I created during my troubled childhood and the survival mood I was in. It helped me so much to deal with my subconscious, limiting beliefs, those beliefs that made me feel not good enough, not capable and not worthy. I felt an instant change, a feeling of release and freedom inside of me!


After freeing myself from these old, limiting beliefs and installing the new, non-limiting and positive beliefs, I decided to create an action plan (1) to grow into the 'me I always wanted to become', (2) to be able to fulfill 

my purpose in life and (3) to live the life I always wanted to live enjoying every single second of it!


I started to look for that 'meaning in life', my purpose and developed my own way of living that made me able to live a happy, content, mentally stable, active and healthy life. I focused 100% on my self-love-care -and development and found the real me! I was so happy to feel and see this positive change in me, all because

I decided to take action myself and to fight my demons in my subconscious mind. I didn't expect from others to provide me with happiness, love, care and support anymore. Instead of that, I gave it to myself! I took back control of the power inside of me, my thoughts and my actions, step-by-step and created a solid, strong foundation to build my long lasting successes and happiness on!


How did I do that? Well, I decided to flip around all the negative feelings I felt before: not liking my body, not having any self-confidence, not liking myself, not feeling motivated, not enjoying my job, not earning enough money, feeling a loser because I was still single and childless, not enjoying time with friends, not eating healthy, binge-eating, having stress, anxiety, self-hate, self-disappointment and a very dark sense of 'what's the point'. I was determined to do this and figured out that the only way of achieving this is to combine mental (RTT and Life Coaching techniques), physical (working out) and nutritional (eating healthy) coaching.


I discovered that it all starts with what you believe about yourself and the world around you and that if you don't solve these limiting beliefs first, you cannot achieve that what you really want in life. With trial and error, I created a way of living that is based on (1) Rapid Transformation Therapy and managing your basics in life regarding the mental coaching and (2) learning in the 4 phases of the 12-week exercise program how to train and eat healthy to achieve certain body goals (weight loss, strength, becoming lean and how to focus to develop specific body parts) regarding the physical and nutritional coaching. 

After figuring this all out and living by it day-by-day, until it became a way of living and after my friends took over my way of living with success, loved my way of living and saw the change it brought them too, I decided to get my RTT practitioner, Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist degree to be able to share and help others with my story, my experiences and my knowledge. This is how my amazing journey started and how

it continued in creating 'Maitha's Way Of Life' for everyone providing mental, physical and nutritional change

to women who want, just like  me, change their lifestyle and get everything out of their life!


I am so proud to be able to say that I am living the lifestyle I always wanted to live and not the life I should

just be content with. I feel truly happy, because now there aren't any limiting beliefs anymore lying in my subconscious mind, thanks to RTT, and I'm managing the basics in life that make me able to live my life to

the fullest in an active and healthy way!

Thank you for reading my story!

Please know that I'm giving you my story, my 12-week program, my e-book and my 1-on-1 RTT sessions as an inspiration and who knows, it might work for you, as it did for me. I'm not proclaiming that this is the way to get out of a slumbering lifestyle or to become happy, content, mentally stable, active and healthy. For me,

it did wonders and I finally felt better. After a while, I felt happier, had more energy and started to feel the amazing benefits of becoming healthier and mentally stable. I felt so amazing that I couldn’t understand why

I was living the lifestyle I was living before. My new lifestyle brings me so much joy and I want to share this

joy with you!


It's a lifestyle, a way of living that you need to learn, adapt to, control and nurture. You have to be willing to

do what you don't like to do to get what you want: to create your happy, content, mentally stable, active and healthy lifestyle. It's not something you have or do not have. You need to be willing to work for it and continue to sustain it.


With my 'Maitha’s Way Of Life 12-week action plan, E-book with workbook and RTT sessions', I want to guide and help you to achieve and maintain your new lifestyle!


I hope you accept my help and we can create together the life you always wanted to live! 

Follow my steps and enjoy the journey!

 Maitha E. Coninx 

Maitha's Way Of Life