Do you

want to feel happy and completely mentally stable without having any limiting beliefs?

Do you

want to


lose that weight,

feel energetic and stay fit forever?

Do you

want to

eat and

feel healthy and kill


sugar addict inside of


Yes Yes and Yes? 

Then you're in the right place!

Cause what you need is an easy, new lifestyle that makes you feel happy, active and healthy for the rest of your life to come!

What 's Maitha's Way Of Life?

A 12-week online program providing the Rapid transformation techniques, mental coaching,

home-workouts, nutrition advice and recipes.

These 12-weeks are divided in  4 phases  and each phase contains 3 weeks.

Each phase teaches you how to train and eat to achieve the goal of that phase:

  1. Phase One goal = Fat loss 

  2. Phase Two goal = Get strong/ build muscles

  3. Phase Three goal = Get a lean body

  4. Phase Four goal = Enhance specific body parts

The  mental coaching provides RTT techniques to get rid of your limiting beliefs and life coaching techniques to manage your basics in life using weekly challenges that will enhance your

day-to-day life, your happiness and your mental stability.

What can you expect?

Access to the 12-week online program and resources for the duration of 12 weeks or 3 months.


Access to a closed Facebook group (Team Maitha) to connect with all members of Team Maitha: A community of like-minded, strong women who are doing this journey with you, share experiences and tips to support you through this life-changing journey.

In this closed group, you'll find RTT sessions, life coaching sessions, explanation of exercises, cooking classes, interviews, weekly Q&A sessions, all-kinds-of-advice and so much more to keep you motivated and to make you grow!

Fun home-workouts with music plus explanation and nutrition advice with healthy recipes!


Amazing RTT techniques and mental challenges to become happy and mentally stable!

Seeing massive results, feeling great and more energetic after only 3 weeks of following the program!

Possibility to become a member after finishing the 12-weeks to continue your happy, active and healthy lifestyle with new workouts, recipes and continuous access to closed Facebook group with all the benefits for a monthly fee of only € 25,- excl. VAT.​

You want to start this Lifestyle-Changing Journey? Book a discovery appointment with me!

What will you achieve?

  • Weight loss.

  • (Learn how to) Build muscles and become leaner.

  • (Learn how to) Shape your body.

  • (Learn how to) Eat healthy for weight loss, creating muscles, getting leaner and shaping your body.

  • Getting rid of any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from changing for good through the RTT techniques.

  • (Learn how to) Feel happy, energized and mentally stable through mental coaching techniques.

  • Knowledge regarding fitness, lifestyle, food, how to achieve your goals and the human body and mind.

  • To be part of a community of strong like-minded women (closed Facebook group) doing the same lifestyle-changing journey, supporting and helping each other. 

  • Being able to manage your basics in life, such as: knowing how to make a weekly schedule, how to think positive, how to budget your money and much much more!

  • Living a happy, active and healthy lifestyle forever!


Book a discovery appointment with me and let's get started! 

This program is for you if you want to:

  1. Change your lifestyle for good!

  2. Learn how to train and eat to achieve fat loss, create muscles, a lean body and shape specific body parts. 

  3. Learn how to manage your basics in life to become happy, content and mentally stable.

Do you want to finally lose that weight and stay fit forever, without the jojo-ing?

Do you want to eat healthy and stop being addicted to sugar?

Do you want to feel happy, content and completely mentally stable?


Then this program is for you!

Book your discovery appointment with me and let's discuss the possibilities!



Maitha's Way Of Life is a real page-turner. She tells her story and shares her experiences in a way you do not realize that she wants to teach you something. It sometimes seemed like she was telling my life, very crazy! Step-by-step, at my pace, she helped me find a balance between life-work-health and family. I think that is fantastic! Thanks Maitha!

Lieve Verrelst 

- Entrepreneur


I made a positive decision last year to start working with Maitha. I have a fantastic lifestyle now! I work out 3 times a week and I really enjoy it! I got a complete lifestyle transformation and what is more I got stocks of energy! Even my husband is on it now too and he loves it as well. It's not only me that changed, but the whole family together!


- Sales Manager


Thanks to Maitha's Way Of Life, I am currently eating healthy, sleeping well, controlling my family life and feeling energized every day. 

Choosing to be happy has become easier for me. I feel as I have grown as a person. Standing in my architectural buildings made me feel so humble. This program has given me a positive perspective on life in general.

Yannic Leveque

- Head Of Architecture

IMG_4771 2.PNG

 I will show you the steps to take, 

commitment is all I ask from you! 

My new lifestyle brings me so much joy and I want to share this joy with you! It's a lifestyle, a way of living that you need to learn, control and nurture. You have to earn a happy, content, mentally stable, active and healthy life. It's not something you have or do not have. You need to be willing to work for it and continue to sustain it. 

With my 'Maitha’s Way Of Life 12-week action program', I want to guide and help you to achieve and to maintain this new lifestyle! I hope you accept my help and we can create together the life you always wanted to live! 

Follow my steps and enjoy the journey!

                                                        - Maitha

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  'How to achieve your

goals in 7 steps'

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