You just made the first step to change your lifestyle into a HAPPY, CONTENT, MENTALLY STABLE, ACTIVE and HEALTHY ONE!




I am giving you my story as an inspiration and who knows, it might work for you, as it did for me. I am not proclaiming that this is the way to get out of the grey mouse zone or to become happy, content, mentally stable, active and healthy. For me, it did wonders and I finally felt better. After a while, I felt happier, more motivated, mentally stable and started to feel the amazing benefits of becoming more active and eating healthier. After finishing the 12-week program, I felt so amazing that I couldn’t understand why I was living the lifestyle I was living before. My new lifestyle brings me so much joy and I want to share this joy with you! It is a lifestyle, a way of living that you need to learn, control and nurture. You have to earn a happy, content, mentally stable, active and healthy life. It is not something you have or do not have. You need to be willing to work for it and continue to sustain it.

With my 'Maitha’s Way Of Life 12-week action program', I want to guide and help you to achieve and to maintain this new lifestyle! I hope you accept my help and we can create together the life you always wanted to live! 

Follow my steps and enjoy the journey!

                                                        - Maitha

Maitha E. Coninx
Life Changing Coach
Maitha developed her own coaching programs with which she guides and helps people on their journey to change their lifestyle. She coaches them the Maitha’s Way of Living through her coaching programs and by taking action towards change with them.

In my opinion, therapy is a good way to deal with your problems and struggles. You have to be able to talk about them with a therapist, your friends or your family. It helped me to talk about my slumbering lifestyle, but I needed an action plan too. Just talking about it wasn’t enough for me. That’s when I decided to figure out an action plan to enjoy my life again and every single second of it! This is how my amazing journey started and how it continued in creating Maitha's Way Of Life. I created “Maitha’s Way of Life 12-week program” to share my story, my experiences and my knowledge with you, to guide and help you to create a HAPPY, CONTENT, MENTALLY STABLE, ACTIVE and HEALTHY lifestyle.



The Maitha’s Way Of Life journey contains a 12-week program filled with exciting, life-changing challenges, workouts and nutrition advice. Each week of the 12-week program, you will have to take on these challenges, do the workouts and follow the nutrition advice to create your HAPPY, CONTENT, MENTALLY STABLE, ACTIVE and HEALTHY LIFEstyle.


The challenges will teach you how to manage your basics in life. This is important, because by managing your basics in life, you create a strong foundation to build long-lasting happiness, contentement and mental stability on, which results into achieving your goals quicker and building up long-lasting successes. On top of this, it will keep you stable and give you a feeling of being in control when life happens to you, good or bad!


These BASICS are:


By following the WORKOUT- and the NUTRITION ADVICE plans with RECIPES , you will gradually learn in 4 phases HOW to TRAIN (ACTIVE) and EAT (HEALTHY) to ACHIEVE FAT LOSS, STRENGTH, A LEAN BODY and how to SHAPE SPECIFIC BODY PARTS. After a week, you will already feel the difference and feel you are taking back control over your life!

​This is an ACTION JOURNEY. 
     You need to embrace it and take action.

This is a LIFESTYLE. 
     You need to be willing to change.

This is a WAY OF LIVING. 
     You need to learn it, control it and nurture it.

Maitha's Way Of Life is a real page-turner. She tells her story and shares her experiences in a way you do not realize that she wants to teach you something. It sometimes seemed like she was telling my life, very crazy! Step-by-step, at my pace, she helped me find a balance between life-work-health and family. I think that is fantastic! Thanks Maitha!

Lieve Verrelst 

- Entrepreneur

I made a positive decision last year to start working with Maitha. I have a fantastic lifestyle now! I work out 3 times a week and I really enjoy it! I got a complete lifestyle transformation and what is more I got stocks of energy! Even my husband is on it now too and he loves it as well. It's not only me that changed, but the whole family together!


- Sales Exc. Manager

Thanks to Maitha's Way Of Life, I am currently eating healthy, sleeping well, controlling my family life and feeling energized every day. 

Choosing to be happy has become easier for me. I feel as I have grown as a person. Standing in my architectural buildings made me feel so humble. This program has given me a positive perspective on life in general.

Yannic Leveque

- Head Of Architecture



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