If you are seeking to change from feeling down, not working out and eating bad to feeling happy, being active and eating healthy? This is the APP for YOU!

Every week you will have to complete a TO DO list, fill in your DAILY MOOD status and take CARE of your SOUL (HAPPY) to create a positive mindset. You will gradually learn HOW to TRAIN and EAT to ACHIEVE FAT LOSS, STRENGTH and LEAN BODY mass by following the WORKOUTS and the NUTRITION ADVICE with RECIPES provided in this app. After a week, you will already feel the difference and feel you are taking back control over your life! Remind you, this is not the next ‘best bikini body’ app. This is an app to help you become happy and in control and I am convinced, if you change mentally (being positive), start working out (being active) and eat healthy (being healthy) the body follows shaped in the best way! TRY my APP one week for FREE and decide yourself! If you want to continue, you can opt to buy my app for:

  • One month  

  • 12-weeks = whole program

  • 6 months = whole program + a platform to use even after finishing the 12-week program with new    workouts, recipes and so much more to keep up your new lifestyle!

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If you seek a happy, fulfilled and colorful life, this action book with workbook will guide your there!

The Maitha’s Way Of Life book with workbook contains a 12-week program filled with challenges that you have to complete to achieve this new way of living. Each week, you will take on new challenges to create your happy, fulfilled and colorful lifestyle. These challenges are found on the basic needs that need to be managed in your life to be able to live a more happy, fulfilled and colorful life:

These basics are:

-        PHYSICAL ME - When you stimulate your physique, you automatically stimulate your mind.

-        MENTAL ME – When you stimulate your mind, it will stimulate you to take action.

-        ACTIVE ME – When you take action, you want to handle things and manage them.

-        MANAGER ME – If you manage yourself, you are managing your life and you are in control.

This is an ACTION BOOK. You need to embrace it and take action.

This is a LIFESTYLE. You need to be willing to change.

This is a WAY OF LIVING. You need to learn it, control it and nurture it.



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