Maitha a.k.a. Erdmuthe Coninx is a certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.


She developed her own coaching programs with which she guides and helps people on their journey to change their lifestyle by coaching them the Maitha’s Way of Living through her coaching programs and by taking action towards change with them.

The Maitha's Way Of Life programs are:

1. The Maitha's Way Of Life APP to create a HAPPY, ACTIVE and HEALTHY Lifestyle.

2. The Maitha's Way Of Life BOOK with WORKBOOK to create a HAPPY, CONTENT and MENTALLY STABLE lifestyle.


Maitha studied Law at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, where she has been born and raised, but found out quite early that this wasn’t what excited her the most in life. She finished her Law-degree, worked a few years and decided to move to Dubai. There she found home and started to look for that meaning in life. She developed her own way of living that made her able to live a happy, content, mentally stable, healthy and active life. After friends took over her way of living with success, she decided to write a book about it. Encouraged by others, she developed a 12-week program around it, got her life coach, personal trainer and nutritionist degree and coaches her lifestyle now successfully to others all over the world.

In 2019, she traveled the world and decide to settle in Bali, Indonesia where she has an active coaching business, called the Mgym, teaching the Maitha's Way Of Life.


Maitha is a certified:

  1. Life Coach

  2. Personal Trainer

  3. Nutritionist

  4. NLP Practitioner

  5. NLP Coach

  6. RSCI Coach

  7. Hypnotist

  8. Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner


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