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About Maitha’s Way of Life

“I guess I was in that stage of my life where I needed a total turnover, otherwise I would have lived my life as a grey mouse, unhappy and on the edge of depression. I was not happy. I was sort of ok, but not happy and not enjoying life.”

MAITHA’S WAY OF LIFE combines MENTAL GROWTH, WORKING OUT and HEALTHY NUTRITION in its 12-week program. It provides the TOOLS to start a LIFE CHANGING JOURNEY to create a HAPPY (mental growth), ACTIVE (workouts) and HEALTHY (nutrition) LIFEstyle!

My intention is to hand you the tools to CHANGE yourself from the INSIDE OUT! My program provides you with CHALLENGES and ACTIONS in a timeframe of 12 WEEKS to gradually GUIDE and CHANGE you into your new lifestyle. It also hands you the TOOLS to MANAGE your HAPPY, ACTIVE and HEALTHY lifestyle even after the 12-week program.


  1. One-on-one or group Life Coaching Sessions.
  2. One-on-one Personal Training Workout Sessions with nutrition advice (ladies only).
  3. The Maitha's Way Of Life book and workbook or the Maitha's Way Of Life APP to guide you on your own transformation journey.

Maitha’s Way Of Life is FUN, it is ACTIVE and it GUIDES you during your happiness, fitness and health JOURNEY!

For MORE INFORMATION or to BOOK YOUR SESSION with Maitha, please contact us on:  or +971 52 983 8994.

If you don’t take a chance, you will keep standing still

About Maitha

“I created a 12-week program to guide and help you to achieve a more happy, fulfilling and colorful lifestyle. I am giving you my story as an inspiration and who knows, it may work for you how it worked for me. I am not proclaiming that this is the way to get out of the grey zone, to have success or to live a happy life. For me it did wonders and I finally felt better. After a while I felt happier, even great. After finishing the 12-week program I felt totally relaxed, happy and content with my life, because of my new lifestyle. It is a lifestyle, a way of living that you need to learn, control and nurture. You have to earn a happy, fulfilling and colorful life. It is not something you have or do not have. You need to be willing to work for it. This 12-week action plan will guide and help you to achieve this lifestyle.”

Maitha a.k.a. Erdmuthe Coninx is a certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, RSCI Coach, Hypnotist, Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner and achieved a Master in Law.

She developed her own coaching program: Maitha’s Way of Life, your journey to a Happy (mental growth), Active (workouts) & Healthy (nutrition) lifestyle.

She guides others on their journey to a Happy, Active and Healthy lifestyle by coaching them the Maitha’s Way of Living (life coaching) and taking action (personal training & nutritional advice) with them.

Maitha studied Law at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, where she has been born and raised, but found out quite early that this wasn’t what excited her the most in life. She finished her Law-degree, worked a few years and decided to move to Dubai. There she found home and started to look for her purpose in life.
She developed her own way of living that made her able to live a Happy, Active & Healthy life. After friends took over her way of living with success, she decided to write a book about it. Encouraged by others, she developed a 12-week program around it, got her life coaching, personal training and nutritionist degree and created the Maitha’s Way Of Life APP. Now, she coaches her ‘way of living’ successful to others and actively guides them on their journey.

Maitha is a certified:

  • Life Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutrisionist
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Coach
  • RSCI Coach
  • Hypnotist
  • Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner
  • Master in Law
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Love and respect yourself as you love and respect others


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I am a life coach located in Dubai, but you can reach me all around the world.

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